About Us

Shaji, born and brought up in a middle class family. While been a child he had a great passion towards photography and related stuffs. This passion really differed himself from his friends. His creative ideas of taking a snap and brilliant photographic angles really amazed everyone even in his childhood days. By realising his ability in photography his father bought him a black and white camera and that really made a difference in his life. He had found a life in it and then onwards he took photography seriously and made it as his profession. He worked as a freelance photographer for several years.

His lively pictures and nice ideas made him a maestro in this field.. He had covered many wedding events and other related functions like betrothel, baptism, product launches, corporate events, modelling stages etc very brilliantly. Then shaji went abroad to learn photographic technology and related stuffs professionally and then he realized that how vast the field really is. But he was really confident in his ability so he came out with flying colours. Then he thought about why starting a new photo studio by himself rather than being a freelancer all the time. And thats the simple but humble starting of his venture "The Pulari Studio". He took the office space at changanachery and started as a small one as every entrepreneurs do.

Thank god!... the venture went on to become one huge success in middle travancore. His popularity and artistic talents made him everyones favourite. He had done many works in kerala and abroad brilliantly and exceptionally well. His mindblowing transition effects really amazed everyone.

Now he has got an experience of more than 16 years in this field. That really adds up a kind of trust in every one's mind to give an assignment to him. He wont let them down whatsoever and he will complete his job with immense pleasure and dedication at reasonable rates. And that really made Pulari Studio , a completely different one compared with others.

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